Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cleaning out the cobwebs on this blog

How has nearly a year passed since I actually wrote anything on this blog?
I guess I'll just start fresh.
Let me begin by saying this: I thought I was busy when Major was a baby.  Buddy. I had no clue.  And how in the world do you Mamas who work get it all done? I mean seriously...I can't even imagine.  Bravo ladies.  Bravo. I couldn't do it.

So, I just looked at this blog and noticed my last post was titled "kindergarten already"....
Ha! I was freakin' out!!!
We are one week away from first grade now!
It's  safe to say that we have all grown and changed a bunch this year.

I'm excited for Major to be in first grade, and although we had an AMAZING kindergarten teacher, I'm glad that year is behind us.

Someone told me once to not be sad about your kids growing up and sometimes I really struggle with that but Major is at such a fun and awesome age.  As I type this he is rockin it out a skate camp, tonight he'll go back to football.  He's fun and pretty easy and we get to do a bunch of really cool things with him right now.  I kinda wish he would just stay 6 forever. Kinda.


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